Following its debut earlier today, Apex Legends’ ninth season, Apex Legends Legacy, is now accessible to play on all platforms. A new Legend, a new weapon, and, perhaps most importantly, a brand-new permanent game mode that gives an alternative to battle royale are all part of the season.

Apex Legends Legacy has added new content.

Valkyrie is, of course, the first major element in Apex Legends Legacy. Valkyrie, the most recent addition to the roster of playable Legends, adds a whole new style of play to the table, allowing players to fly! Her set of skills is centered on aerial movement. Valkyrie’s Ultimate allows her whole team to rocket into the air and plummet back down across the battlefield. Valkyrie’s arrival will undoubtedly have a big influence on the apex patch notes. In reality, alongside Legacy, the update includes some significant balance adjustments for current Legends, especially Lifeline.

The update also paid attention to weapons, with the addition of a brand-new Marksman weapon category. The Bocek, Apex Legends’ first-ever bow, which debuted as part of Legacy, is at the top of this new category. The Bocek is accurate, and players can collect their arrows after firing, despite its slow rate of fire.

Arenas, on the other hand, are maybe Apex Legends Legacy’s most significant new feature. Since the game’s release, Respawn has introduced a slew of new game types. All of them, however, were limited-time modes and battle royale variations. Arenas is neither; it’s a permanent feature that’s on a much smaller scale than battle royale. Arenas is a three-player, round-based mode that takes place on configurable maps. Apex’s basic gameplay principles have been altered as a result of the mode’s size. Weapons and gear, for example, are purchased between rounds rather being looted in-game.

Aside from Valkyrie, the Bocek, and Arenas, Legacy has a number of significant additions and modifications. For example, the Olympus map now includes a new section, and Emotes are now available for all Legends. Players will now start battle royale with a basic kit of goods, rather than nothing, thanks to the Starter Kit concept.

Season 9 of Apex Legends Legacy

Apex Legends Legacy, the 9th season of the battle royale game, is set to begin tomorrow, May 4th. Legacy, despite the lack of a new map, appears to be one of the game’s most important seasons yet, with a new Legend, new weapon, significant new game mode, and an upgrade aimed at rebalancing many of the current Legends and weapons.

What’s in Store for Apex Legends Legacy?

Apex Legends Legacy will launch tomorrow, and there will be plenty of new stuff for fans to enjoy. Valkyrie, the Bocek, and Arenas are probably the season’s three most notable features. The former is the next Legend, and she is the daughter of Viper, one of Titanfall 2’s villains. Valkyrie introduces a completely new style of play to the game, with a set of skills centered on flying. Meanwhile, the Bocek is Apex Legends’ first-ever bow. This accurate weapon, which belongs to the new Marksman weapon category, allows players to collect their shot arrows, which is a unique feature.

Despite those two enhancements, Arenas may prove to be the most important aspect of Season 9. Arenas is Apex Legends’ first-ever permanent variation game mode, and it’s a 3v3 round-based experience set over a succession of smaller maps. (This includes two brand-new maps created specifically for the mode.) Because Apex Legends has never before given a game mode of this magnitude, numerous basic elements have had to be altered. Some Legends, for example, will have a limit on how many times they may utilize their powers. Similarly, rather than picking up guns and stuff in-game, players will purchase them between rounds.

Of course, they are only the top three elements of Apex Legends Legacy. At the start of the season, Olympus will have new maps, Legends will be able to utilize Emotes, and all matches will have a Starter Kit. The update that coincides with the start of the new season is also one of the most significant to hit the game in a long time. Apex Legends’ existing weaponry and characters have been rebalanced significantly. For example, Lifeline is receiving a makeover.